Angels on Our Shoulders

Posted on 30 June 2009

Angels on Our Shoulders

It seems that the age of miracles never ends.  Every day we hear the word “miracle” used to explain otherwise unexplainable circumstances.  Recently, we had a “Miracle on the Hudson River.”  Was it a miracle or was it skilled flying techniques that saved the lives of the passengers and flight crew aboard U S Airways Flight 1549?  While many of the passengers were convinced that the hand of God had touched them, some others believed that things worked out in the passengers’ favor as they were “just lucky.”  Was it luck or was it something else?  Even the Catholic Church investigates every facet of an event before declaring it a miracle.


Along with miracles come guardian angels who help perform these wonders.  According to tradition, every human being has a guardian angel protecting him from harm.  Many people have had life-threatening experiences and came away unscathed.  Was it luck, or do angels really exist?


I, for one, believe in miracles.  In 1945, while I was training to be an infantry replacement, the Battle of the Bulge was raging in Europe.  My mother prayed fervently for my safety, and before I shipped off to Europe, the war in Germany ended.  In August of 1945, I was in the Pacific Ocean on a troop ship heading for the Invasion of Japan when the Captain of the ship announced the surrender of the Japanese to the Allied Forces.  Did my mother’s prayers to Divine beings save me twice, or was it luck?


As a result of things uttered by officers and troops during World War II battles, many sayings were incorporated into the American vernacular, including “Loose lips sink ships,” “Was this trip necessary?” and, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”  However, many other things were said during this bloody, four-year conflict, including countless Hail Mary’s and other prayers to Jesus, God, and saints.


So, do I believe in “Angels on our shoulders?”  You bet I do.  They kept me from becoming a casualty of war, permitting me – at the age of 82 – to write this article today. 

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4 Responses to “Angels on Our Shoulders”

  1. Teresa says:

    Good atticle. This is why we all believe in the power of prayer.
    We will never know for sure if our prayers work but this is why it is called divine intervention.As they say your number was not up yet because there was more you had to do in this life like entertaining us with your writing. Keep it up.

  2. Izkata says:

    You were “saved” by the development and usage of the A-Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a weapon that had been in development for 3 years. There were no supernatural forces at work.

  3. Chris Jasper says:

    But god sent the soles to the Men that were born that created these weapons then God gave them the gift of Intelligents,Smarts or Brains whichever you choose so they can end that war, So I as well belive in God,Jesus and Angels and what Izkata said supernatural forces (miracle). This came to be in Iraq During Desert Storm as well. My Wife, Mother, Father and Sisters all prayed that I’d be safe and come home in one pice. And I did.

  4. MTB says:

    Good read! You need to get some social bookmarking buttons on your posts so that we can share stuff like this with the click of a button.

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