A Very Spooky Whine and Wine

Posted on 14 June 2009


We get into the strangest conversations at our Whine and Wine gatherings. The particular Whine and Wine that I am about to relate was hosted by Stephanie, our newest member.  She had lost her brother a couple years ago, and as we had been friends with him at one time, the subject of afterlife and spirits came up at our little get-together.  The pure mention of ghostly sightings totally freaks me out and makes me bolt for the door. The other girls in our circle, however, love nothing better than a good ghost story and relish every scary detail of an encounter retold.  On the night in question, one of the girls made mention of a freaky encounter in a small, foreboding town in South Jersey, with a car chasing them through town for no good reason and then suddenly disappearing just as they’d gained the city limits.  Another lady mentioned her experience of being awoken from a dead sleep with a cold rush of air, only to find her Grandmother, who was no longer of this earth, standing by her bedside!  After we freaked each other out a bit, we continued on with tales of otherworldly spirits and ghostly encounters all night as the moon rose higher in the night sky.  However, we had much more planned for our little get together.


The company that manufacturers and markets the “I’ve Never…Game of Outrageous Truth” card game graciously gave us some fabulous prizes for our Whine and Wine ladies.   Rather than simply hand out these gifts, I made the ladies work for them. So, I sent out a notice to everyone attending that we were collecting tabs from cans of beer and soda for the Ronald McDonald House.  This is the charity established by that other famous “burger king,” that provides a home-like atmosphere for families with children diagnosed with cancer, who must take treatment far from their own homes.  The charity recycles and resells beer and soda can tabs in order to funnel the resulting funds into whatever is needed to continue with their worthy mission.  So, when the ladies arrived with bags of tabs in hand, I was more than happy.  The winner of the evening was Sandy, who received the fabulous “I’ve Never…” Card Game and “Blow Job” shot glass. We also had prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place winners, who received the hilarious “Sex on the Beach” and “Screaming Orgasm” shot glasses as well as huggies for their beer steins.  A sense of decorum (ahem) prevents me from telling you what was printed on those huggies.


Obviously, we also played our “I’ve Never…” game. I think we may have enjoyed ourselves just a tad too much, because the police arrived shortly after we began the game.  Apparently, we were laughing so loudly at each other’s shocking answers that one of the neighbors sent the cops over to see if all was well. Or maybe, they were just a little jealous that they had not been invited to partake in the fun!


Even though the evening started out a bit creepy, it ended with some great laughs.  Having said that, I would like to hear you thoughts on the supernatural.  Do you believe in ghosts?  Share your supernatural stories with us.  If you need some “Sex on the Beach” to get your creative juices flowing, have one on us!

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12 Responses to “A Very Spooky Whine and Wine”

  1. Mike says:


    I can’t really talk about the whine and wine bit but i really do feel there are things out there that we don’t fully understand.All i am sayinging is that i am not the only one to go bump in the night!

  2. Kimmie says:

    I absolutely believe in the afterlife and I try not to get freaked out by it but, it’s hard to not be scared of the unexplainable. I have had many paranormal experiences throughout my life. Catching an image out of the corner of my eye or the sensation that someone is watching over me is just some of the things I have experienced.

  3. kathi says:

    boy am i sorry i missed the wine -n- wine! sounded like alot of fun.
    as for what i have seen in my time so far , i have seen my grandfather many times he seems to always come by when i bring a man into my parents hous to meet the family . they get a little freaked out about it , it might not be related but the last 2 people that he pop in on were sick the whole night . i think my peepop (my grandfather ) did approve of them , go figure they didnt work out for the long term.

    there was a one time that i did feel uneasy about seeing what others could not. one night when i was a teenager i was over my boyfriends house(who lived with his parents and sister at their grandparents house at the time) i will leave his name out . we were watching tv and his grandfather was sleeping in the chair like he always did(he never slept up stairs in the bed.any way i hear the door handle shaking ( of the basement door)and the two dogs were going crazy well it wasnt that big of a deal as we had friends come over all the time through the basement we played board games all the time down there, but the thing was that the boyfriend fell asleep on the floor and his grandfather both were sleeping and did not wake up with all the barking. well i get up to see who was trying to get in on my way to the door i walked through a very cold!!!!! spot in the room llike a freezer cold the dogs are barking and running around in a circle from room to room i get to the door and see the old skeliton key door hadle moveing like someone trying to open it i grab it and open the door . there he was a man in a lng trench coat and a hat walking down the stairs he was almost to the bottom step i could see right through him i couldnt see a face i slamed the door and went and woke up my boyfriend ( by this time the dogs had stopped barking)well he told me i must of been dreaming or sleep walking . ok i know what i saw what ever really didnt care if he believed me or not. oh its not over yet .well i go home than night and the next morning i get a call from my boyfriend who tells my that his grandfather how was a grumpy old man who had not slept with his wofe in over20 years let alone go up stairs( nor did he ever eat at the table for 20 years he always ate in his chair with a tv tray )well he went up stair to every room told his son, daughter inlaw ,his two grandkids and his wife he loved them and slept with his wife for the first time in 20 years or more then woke up went and ate breakfast at the table with everyone else(that he never sits at) as he finished his last bite he died .
    well you tell me did i see a man the night before did he come and tell the grandfather what was going to happen? by the way my boyfriend did believe me after that.

    so kim whould that freek you out?

    there has been other times things have happened but this one well just had to be told.


  4. Kimmie says:

    To view more pictures of this and other Whine and Wines please visit our website:

    To Purchase the “I’ve Never…” Game and other “I Never…” Products please visit:

  5. Kimmie says:

    Oh Yeah! I would have ran for the hills and never turned back.

  6. Tom says:

    my experience with wine is if you sip a little bit to much, you can see almost anything

  7. Jeanne says:

    I have never experienced a “sighting” myself, however, those that have, and there have been several that I know of, have never had a bad experience. Of course the whole idea has freaked most out, but after talking about it with others, they realize it was really not a frightening experience at all. Personally, I think of it being an angel trying to reach out to us!

  8. June says:

    My dad died in the Philippines and I wasnt able to fly back due to financial reasons. On the day of his funeral service, i was folding clothes at my house, and all of a sudden, a strong scent of his cologne wafted in my room. I broke down and cried and apologized to him for not being able to see him before he died and for not being able to fly back.

  9. Wila K says:

    When I was about 9 years old, my best friend’s mom told me this story. When my best friend was an infant (we’ll call him Rick to preserve his privacy), he and his mother were home alone one day, in the middle of the day. The family lived in a free-standing (unattached) side-hall Colonial. As my friend was sleeping in his crib, his mom heard someone in the attic dashing around and tossing things about. She was terrified as there was no way into the attic, which was essentially the third floor, except by the front door — and she had let no on into the house that day. Terrified, Rick’s mom ran out of the house with the baby and dialed her husband from a pay phone, pleading for him to come home from work.

    When Rick’s dad ascended the stairs to see what was going on, he was astonished to find that every single box stored up in the attic had been pillaged and the contents strewn about the floor as if in anger.

    When Rick’s parents did a little research, they discovered that the old woman who had owned the house previously had died of natural causes in the bathtub in that house. When I visited my friend, sometimes the doorbell would ring, but there was no one there. Sometimes, the chandelier in the dining room would spin on its own and lights would flash up and down the staircase leading straight up to the bathroom.

    The spirit was not malicious and the family came to accept her, as did I, as I spent so much time in my friend’s house.

    When I was older, my boyfriend left me alone in his apartment just as the sun was beginning to set; he went out to grab a few things for us to eat. I could see the deli from one of the windows in the apartment and for some reason, was looking out that window when I felt something behind me, some unnamed presence. This was years ago and the hairs are standing up all over my body as I’m writing this. It felt evil; that’s the best way I have to describe it. I was afraid to turn around and confront it; afraid to turn on a light (the closest lamp was behind me). I was frozen in fear. The stereo system was at my left. I turned it on and cranked up the volume. I know I sang at the top of my lungs and think I danced, as sort of an exorcism.

    When my boyfriend walked through the door with two friends he’d met in the deli, he was astounded that the apartment was in total darkness. When he asked why, I told him. One of the friends told me that I was brave to have stayed there alone like that, because he’d felt something nasty there once too. The second guy said the same thing, adding that he’d never mentioned it before for fear of looking ridiculous. My boyfriend shrugged and said he’d never felt anything strange, but I wasn’t taking any chances. The next day I bought him a golden Christ head medallion to wear around his neck. I told him to put it on and never take it off!

  10. Hixon says:

    Not too certain how I found your blog but glad I did find it. Keep up the very good work.

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