Tyrant on FX – Family Drama on a Royal Level

25 June 2014

  Tyrant premiered last night on FX and the show is definitely worth following.  There is a lot of story that will need to be revealed in the upcoming episodes and that story may be too much to support in the future.  The drama already created, however, will not leave anyone disappointed in the meantime. [...]

Borderline Disaster – Illegal Immigration Chaos at the Gates

18 June 2014

  It’s time to stop with race politics and see the illegal immigration situation for what it is, and that is anarchy.  It wouldn’t matter if illegals coming into the United States from our southern border were Hispanic, Asian, European, or African, what does matter is that these people are coming here illegally, and it [...]

The Continuing Saga of Donald Sterling

11 June 2014

The NBA in its haste to take The Clippers from Donald Sterling may have bitten off more than they can chew.   We have already discussed the potential implications the Donald Sterling situation may have on regular citizens.  Taking one’s property for what should be protected speech sets a precedent that could have very damaging [...]

The Realization of a Musical Dream

09 June 2014

The Music Corner   Few people get to realize any of their lives’ dreams.  I’m one of the fortunate ones.  My story begins almost a half century ago in the southern New Jersey town of Willingboro, one of many post-war era planned suburban communities of the ‘50s and ‘60s.   As a child and adolescent, [...]

Remembering D-Day

05 June 2014

  June 6, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the planned invasion of the Normandy coast during World War II.  The assembly of American and Allied forces in preparation for the invasion had England bulging at the seams, and a long stretch of bad weather with little hope for improvement had stalled the invasion plans.  [...]

2014 NBA Finals – Rematch between San Antonio and Miami

02 June 2014

  The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are back at it in a rematch of last year’s championship series.  Miami goes for a three-peat while San Antonio will try to avenge last season’s disappointing end at the hands of Miami.  This year’s series shouldn’t be as close as last year’s seven game series.   [...]

That’s Entertainment – Klezmer Style!

30 May 2014

  A good friend recently called me to share the news that the Klezmer band in which he plays would be performing at Jewish Heritage Night festivities at an upcoming Philadelphia Phillies’ game.  Subsequently, he contacted me to inform me that he had an extra ticket if I wanted to make the 70+ mile trip [...]

Commemorating Memorial Day

24 May 2014

  The origin of Memorial Day dates back to the period immediately following the Civil War when ladies of the South began decorating graves of deceased Confederate soldiers.  The day was termed Decoration Day.  This practice was adopted by the Union and later would be called Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor and [...]

A Deathbed Prophecy and 200 Million Horsemen

21 May 2014

And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.  Revelation 9:16   If you were a Family Radio listener in the months preceding May of 2011, you most likely heard Mr. Camping discuss the number found in Revelation 9:16: two hundred thousand thousand.  [...]

Godzilla = God Awful

18 May 2014

Newest installment of monster film may be worst movie ever!     The release of Godzilla filled theaters in its first weekend of release, but the movie left a lot to be desired in this author’s opinion.  An unexpected storyline and poor acting left this viewer underwhelmed.  In fact, the only redeeming factor of this [...]

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News & Opinion

Terror in Suburbia

Posted on 04 July 2014

Imagine that you live in a small suburban community and that you stumble upon a covert network.  Are they computer hackers, identity thieves, foreign or domestic terrorists, or – perhaps – something worse?  They assume control of your mobile phone, computer, and every device you own that employs computer or communications technology in its operation.  [...]

Spotlight on Business

The Federal Debt Ceiling – Its Origins and Implications

Posted on 11 September 2013

  The United States debt limit or debt ceiling is an amount, fixed by legislation, of the national debt that can be imposed by the Treasury.  Since the different expenditures of the government are observed and authorized by different pieces of legislation, the debt ceiling does not play any role in restricting annual deficits.  And [...]

Careers & Employment

How Mobile is Shaping the Recruitment Space

Posted on 30 November 2013

The time of desktop and laptops is fading fast, with mobile replacing them in all forms and sizes.  Thus, any company that doesn’t use mobile for recruitment is at risk of losing out on huge talent base.  The same holds true for companies providing online or offline recruitment services.  Here we examine how mobile is [...]

Girl Talk

Women the Stronger Sex!

Posted on 04 October 2011

In the 1958 sci-fi cult classic Queen of Outer Space, four astronauts crash land on the planet Venus, a planet that they discover is populated entirely by hot babes in revealing costumes.  Captured, they soon learn that the planet is ruled by a cruel, masked Queen who has banished men from the planet.  Imprisoned in [...]

NJ Facts & Trivia

Secrets of the Delaware River Bridge

Posted on 30 July 2012

  Like the designers of the Egyptian Pyramids who added secret compartments within their walls that stored the wealth and possessions of their Pharaoh inhabitants as preparation for their journeys and lives in the next realm, more modern architects have hidden treasures within their structures.  Hundreds of thousands of riders travel over the Benjamin Franklin [...]

NJ People

Primetime Personalities: TV Stars From NJ

Posted on 30 October 2013

They started in New Jersey and ended up in the homes of millions across the country.  According to NewJerseyNewsroom.com, New Jersey natives are some of the most prominent figures on entertainment channels.  Whether they’re making us laugh, telling the news or putting their personal lives on display, these New Jerseyans shine on the small screen. [...]

Paranormal NJ

Nibiru – The Countdown

Posted on 05 December 2012

  The planet Nibiru, four times the size of Earth on a 3,600 year orbit of the Sun will imminently enter the inner solar system and destroy our planet on December 21 of this year, coinciding with the end of the Mayan Calendar.  This news, if you believe it, is being shielded from the general [...]


The Windows 8 Blues

Posted on 01 January 2014

  At Christmas this year, my children and grandchildren surprised me with a shiny new laptop.  What happened to my old laptop, a startling and embarrassing tale, is a story for another day.   Upon powering up my new chariot into cyberspace, I found myself thrust into unfamiliar and very uncomfortable territory, Windows 8.  Where [...]

Veterans Corner

Remembering D-Day

Posted on 05 June 2014

  June 6, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of the planned invasion of the Normandy coast during World War II.  The assembly of American and Allied forces in preparation for the invasion had England bulging at the seams, and a long stretch of bad weather with little hope for improvement had stalled the invasion plans.  [...]


4 Considerations Before Going With a Long Commute

Posted on 03 January 2014

Jobs in big cities often have attractive salaries and room for advancement.  What they often don’t have, however, is affordable housing.  Some people deal with the housing costs or live in houses with roommates.  Others choose to commute varying distances.  The U.S. Census reports that the average commute for workers is 25.5 minutes.  However, 8.1 [...]

Home/Real Estate

3 Backyard Projects That Don’t Require Professional Help

Posted on 21 December 2013

Every home requires upkeep, and homeowners can save a good chunk of change by learning how to handle home maintenance tasks on their own.  But just as a little tool-related know-how can be helpful in keeping your house in shape, it’s also important to understand your own limits, and to hire professional help when necessary. [...]

Free Online Games

Extreme Racing 2

Posted on 08 August 2012

This is a very good auto racing game.  Use the arrows to control your car.  Don’t forget to add your high scores as a comment at the bottom of the page.  Good luck!     See Our Complete Listing of Free Online Games    

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